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Evaluation of safety of the package against the opening of the children

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This trial (research, study) be discontinued product packaging resembling food or packaging for pharmaceutical products. So far we have extensive experience with product packaging imitating foods. The test shall be conducted in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 8317:2004/AC: 2005 – “Packaging resistant to opening by children. Requirements and test methods for packaging multiple closing (ISO 8317:2003)”. It is interesting to note that in addition to this requirement, the packaging must not impede age people to open it.
This study requires the test to be carried out with two hundred children aged 42 to 51 months, boys and girls, divided into groups of at least three geographical regions of Bulgaria. Furthermore, the test involved a group of 100 adult participants aged 65-80 years. The essence of this study was to examine whether within about 10 minutes, the child will be able to play sound (noise) of opening the package. Before being carried out this study, the packages are emptied of content.
We work with several kindergartens in Sofia, Pazardzhik and Montana. Childcare in turn received the necessary permits from regulatory authority to conduct such a study on their territory. Our lawyers have prepared informed consents with clearly specified course of study that every parent sign agrees that his child to participate in the experiment. Participation of each card is prepared to participate in which are recorded the names of the child’s date of birth in months, sex, date of the experiment, the beginning and end of the experiment, the name of the investigator, the number of the package that works with child the name of the head of the organization, and the minute the child is able to vazproidvede sound from opening or failed to cope with the task.
Group of adults gathered in the boardroom of IC GLOBALTEST and testing was performed in the same way.

The survey results are summarized and compared with the rated requirements of the standard. To the final report and added many pictures.
We have considerable experience of conducting such studies. Our reports are highly appreciated by the supervisory authorities in Bulgaria and the EU Member States.

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